On this page: Medical Authorization, Registration (for print), Health Form (for print), Full Course Catalog


There is a registration fee of $5.95 per course. This fee applies whether you register online or with a mail-in form. Mail-in forms require a paper check for payment. Online registration is via credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Be on the look-out for exclusive deals!


A health / permission form is a part of the registration. No doctor is needed to complete this. If you would like to print it out, it is available here.


If your child will be taking or needs any medication (this includes asprin, inhalers, Epipens or otherwise) during the hours of the summer program, please fill out the Medical Authorization form here. Any medication must be sent with your child on the first day and must be in its' original packaging with perscribing information intact and the doctor signed medical authorization form included. We will collect any medication on the first day, and return it with your child on the last day of the program. 


A full course catalog is available here. This includes a list of all courses available by week for your child's appropriate age group. We hope to make it as easy as possible to plan your child's summer activities!