It's a Bug's Life | K-3

They creep, they crawl, they fly! They make sure the flowers grow, they clean up our yards. They can lift hundreds of times their own weight and can fly across the continent! What are they? They're bugs!


Bugs can do so many amazing things! Some bugs can walk on water or can even make silk while others taste with their feet. There are hundreds of cultures to learn about -- and some of them are hiding in our own backyard! Join us on this three-week long journey to find them, watch them and take a peek into their tiny world!


Because class size is limited, we recommend reserving your child's space early to secure their spot in the program.



June 2, 9 & 16 (Saturdays) | 9:00am to 3:00pm
Grades K-3
$180 TMSC members ($200 non-members)